The table

Before the season started I made a pre-season table – how I thought it would end. This is the result:

My table                                    Actual table

1. Manchester United                 Manchester United
2. Chelsea                                     Chelsea
3. Manchester City                     Manchester City
4. Arsenal                                     Arsenal
5. Tottenham                              Tottenham
6. Aston Villa                               Liverpool
7. Everton                                    Everton
8. Liverpool                                 Fulham
9. Birmingham                            Aston Villa
10. Sunderland                           Sunderland
11. Bolton                                    West Bromwich
12. Fulham                                  Newcastle
13. Blackburn                             Stoke
14. Stoke                                     Bolton
15. Newcastle                             Blackburn
16. West Bromwich                   Wigan
17. West Ham                            Wolves
18. Wigan                                    Birmingham
19. Blackpool                              Blackpool
20. Wolves                                  West Ham

I’m satisfied with the top stages of the tables and it was that part I gave most consideration. I’m pretty happy with everyone but Birmingham who I thought would be a lot better.



About letsunited

An absolut United fan who loves to watch, talk and write about them.
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