Happy New Year!! I know it’s 12 days late and I know I haven’t written as much as I should the last weeks, but here is a summary of the season this far. This was 2010!

Red machine back on track

I am very glad to say this: The Red Machine is back on track! Why? Because United haven’t had a good season. They have had a perfect season – at least this far. United didn’t play well in the first months, it’s only now in the end of the year that United have played well. And that is a good sign! Why? Cause United have won anyway! And that means a lot. Any team can win when they play well, but this far only United win when they don’t. Look at Arsenal. Yes, their football is beautiful and yes, they are very funny to watch. But when they don’t play well, what happens? They drop points which are necessary in the end of the season, so sorry Arsenal, you don’t have what it takes. But it is not just Arsenal who don’t have that…

Chelsea failure

Chelsea have always looked good. They are just like United, a machine. But it seems they’re suddenly out of gas. Chelsea have had a terrible ending of the year, dropping points in almost every game. They couldn’t even win against Villa when they went up 3-2 in the 89:th minute. Aston Villa scored in the 90:th. Chelsea even lost against Wolves! I envy the man who bet his money on that…

Liverpool disaster

It isn’t just Chelsea who have lost against Wolves. Also Liverpool has done that, at Anfield! Liverpool’s season has been a disaster. They are on the lower half of the table, out of the FA Cup and now Steven Gerrard is suspended. I almost feel sorry for them… But I am not surprised. Of course I didn’t think it would go this bad for them, but with only two decent players in the squad, you don’t go far.

Nani new Ronaldo?

Nani’s season has been great this far and it seems his talent and potential is turning into something really good. Soon he can be as important to the club as Ronaldo was a few years ago. Let’s hope Nani realizes that it’s in United you win throphies and success. How many titles have Ronaldo won since his move to Madrid?

Anderson new Scholes?

Oliviera Anderson, or usually just Anderson has played very well in the second half of the first half of the season. You follow? His passing game is brilliant and he’s also got the pace, which is becoming more important in todays football. He always wants to play and he isn’t afraid when he gets the chance to do so. He has to work a little bit on the defence perhaps, but let’s be positive now.

Rafael new… eh Gary Neville?

I am afraid I am to young to remember the great days of Gary Neville. Unfortunately Neville’s performances nowadays aren’t very good. So instead we have a new great rightback. Rafael has just like Nani and Anderson been great this season and he has developed a lot the last few years. Last year he was barely on the bench. This year he is barely off the pitch. He has played often and well and he can be a key player in the future.

Dimitar Berbatov

I don’t think there is so much to say about the Bulgarian. He has been tremendous.

So that was all for now. I will be back before or after sunday’s game against Spurs. Please comment and keep reading the blog.

Go Reds!


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