Important win against the scousers

Before the game at Old Trafford the day before yesterday a Liverpool fan held up a banner which said: “Scousers rule and don’t you forget it!” It was put down a minute into the game.

Liverpool’s had a bad season this far, but with a new manager hope was installed in the club before the United game. You could see it in the faces of players, staff and fans that this was their chance. Their chance to turn around this horrible season. There were certainly hope before the game, but it didn’t last for long. 30 seconds into the game Rafael put a great ball onto Berbatov who went into the penalty area. Agger came out to stop him, but brought him down and United was given a penalty. I don’t think it should have been a penalty. I don’t even know if Agger touched him, but if someone is to be blamed it isn’t Berbatov who is accused for diving, it is Agger for his poor desiscion. He could have just closed Berbatov down, but instead he tried to get the ball. And he wasn’t quick enough Berbatov had to just lay down and it was a penalty. And I think Berbatov did the right thing to fall, because when you get that chance you got to take advantage of it. Obviously I hade been mad at him if I was a Liverpool fan, but luckily I am not. So as I’ve said, i don’t think it should have been a penalty, but it was given and it was taken. 1-0 United after only a couple of minutes. The bad form seemed to continue for Liverpool.

Liverpool faught their way back into the game however, and if it wasn’t for one man, one descision, they may have succeded in their hunt for goals. Ironicly that man was Steven Gerrard. It was a really bad and stupid tackle and if Howard Webb was wrong about the penalty he was definitely right here. It was a clear read card. Those tackles shoulden’t exist on a footballfield and it was the right thing to do sending him of. Gerrard seemed to realise that as well. So without their captain and best player the game was lost for Liverpool.

Liverpool had a couple of chances in the second half, but most of the time United just passed the ball around, making the Liverpoolplayers tired. It was a good game for United, both the performance and the result and it showed us that United are very good this season. Could we dream of a treble? We don’t know that yet, but one thing is for sure and that is: Sorry Scousers, you don’t rule any more and don’t you forget it!

Go Reds!


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An absolut United fan who loves to watch, talk and write about them.
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