Bottom 4-0 Top

Yesterday Manchester United lost 4-0 to West Ham United. The last time United lost against a West Ham side with those numbers was in 1930. That tells us a little bit about what happened yesterday.

United came to Upton Park with a team full of youth and inexperience. The only players over 25 was Giggs, Fletcher and O’Shea and it was up to players like Hernandez, Obertan and Anderson to lead United forward. The match also started well for the Reds, with Obertan hitting the post early on and United controled the came. But after the first goal the match changed. United looked shaken, like they didn’t know what to do. And when no one took the responsibility to lead the red troops the defeat was certain.

As I watched the game I became upset with Ferguson’s team selection. He gambled by resting players like Berbatov, Rooney and Nani, so when United needed goals, the only player to put out on the pitch was Macheda – and he didn’t do anything. But when I think about it afterwards I think that Ferguson made the right choise. The Carling Cup isn’t an important cup if you compare it to other tournaments and it was the right time to test the young players’ ability. If Rooney, Berbatov and Nani would have been on the bench the players on the pitch would know that even if they screwed up, someone else could come on and put things right. But when it was up to them thay had to play good. The pressure was bigger when it was just young lads on the bench. So even if the result was very bad, the young players got a lot of experience out of this game. And hopefully they learned that it was up to themselves, not to others, to win.

The game was bad and I’m sad that the Carling Cup is over for United, but the experience the players got was good for them. And now Ferguson knows where his youngsters stand. and that is good for the future.

Go Reds!


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