Rooney comeback raises Berbatov’s form

Finally Rooney is back on the pitch. And now we can see what he meens to United.

When he scored that penalty in Glasgow against Rangers this Wednesday you could see what it meant to him. He hasn’t said much and when he came on against Wigan it didn’t seem to be something special to him. But when you saw that roar of his when he scored that penalty you couldn’t doubt that it was extremely important to him.

Yesterday I thought it would be an easy win. It became a ridiculous win. 7-1! When was the last time that happened? And United played very well. Rooney and Berbatov found each other even if there was 11 players around, the midfield was dominant and the backline was brilliant until Vidic went off. And what should you say about Berbatov? 5 goals in a Premier League game! If he just had scored on that late header he would have broken the record.

Rooney was very good as well. His passing game was really good, and when he starts shooting more I think he can score as often as he did last season. I also want to praise Anderson’s performance. It was fun to see him in good form as well.

The only thing better than United’s win may have been that Stoke equalized in the 92:nd minute against City, but they are not good enough so what should you expect?

Now let’s hope Chelsea drops points against Newcastle so that United can stay in the lead. My tips for that game is 2-1 to Newcastle, but it feels that it could go either way. The main thing though is that United showed everyone that they’re as good as ever yesterday and that we have a serious chance of rasing the throphy in the end.

Go Reds!


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An absolut United fan who loves to watch, talk and write about them.
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