Dream Weekend

I should sleep more. Not that I need more sleep, but when you sleep, you dream. I remember two times when I have dreamed about football and they have a spooky connection.

The last time I dreamed about football was the night before my team’s matchday. I dreamed that I would score 3 goals. And how many times did I score? 3! It was my first hat-trick aswell so it wasn’t anything common. So why am I writing this? Because the night between Friday and Saturday I dreamed about football once again. This time it was about United. I dreamed that both Chelsea and Arsenal would lose their games and United would win against Wigan. And what happened?

United’s performance against Wigan didn’t come with any exclamation marks, but still it was a comfortable win. Though I do think that United should have won with larger margins, I’m still happy with three points. And the funny thing is, that United haven’t played well this season. Not a game have they performed better than what is expected. But still, they’re in the lead together with Chelsea. The same Chelsea who in the beginning of the season looked unbeatible, crushing all the opposition with 5 or 6 goals. And that’s why I still think that United can go all the way this season. Because they get the points they need, even if they play badly. Teams like Arsenal and City need to play well to win and now with Chelsea losing games it seems that also Chelsea need a good day to win. And there won’t be good days all the time and it is they who win in those bad days that will end up lifting the trophy.

I don’t know if it was me dreaming about it or if it was something else that decided the outcome of this weekend (probably the latter), but what I do know is that this weekend couldn’t have ended up better. And now with Rooney back aswell, this can be a good season for every United fan, player or staff. Let’s all look forward to the mid-week game against Rangers and I will go to bed, hopefully dreaming of titles.

Go Reds!


About letsunited

An absolut United fan who loves to watch, talk and write about them.
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