Back in business!

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing for a while, but I have been away and hadn’t my computer with me. I don’t have so much to say now really, just that I’m back. I do have a piece of news though. From now on every Wednesday will be “guest-day”. This means that someone else than me will get his/her chance to express his/her thoughts about United, the Preimer League or something else that concerns football.

If YOU want to express your opinion send an e-mail to in which you write your name and obviously your post and I will publish it under your name. The title of the mail should be guest blogging. The only rules are that you should use a proper language with no swearing and you should obviously write about football. All for now!

Go Reds!


About letsunited

An absolut United fan who loves to watch, talk and write about them.
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One Response to Back in business!

  1. love united says:

    Great blog, but I have to ask you: Why don’t you write about yourself more than you do? I think there are more readers than me who would like to here a little bit about the person who writes what we read.

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