Well done Liverpool

Liverpool – Chelsea. I was sure the Blues would secure an easy three pointer, but with great players like Lampard, Essien and most important Drogba away, you’re not getting away with a comfortable win at Anfield. Even if Liverpool hasn’t had the best start of the season, you can’t deny that they’re a great club with a great tradition and fans they should be proud of and even if I’m a United fan and don’t like Liverpool so much, I got goosebumps when “You’ll never walk alone” echoed in the stadium.

From the start there were no questions asked about which team was the best, as Liverpool played out their whole register and got the result they were hoping for. They shocked Chelsea bad and thanks to a certain Fernando Torres they were two goals up at the break. There was a huge difference when Drogba came on in half time but Liverpool kept the clean sheet and took a huge win.

The result was great for two teams, but not so popular for the third. Mainly it was important for Liverpool. They really needed this win and they now seem to be back on track with 4 straight wins. Torres also appears to be back in shape so again: a huge victory for Pool. It was also a good result for United as they are now just two points behind Chelsea and I bet Ferguson jumped in joy in front of the tv when Howard Webb blew the final whistle. For Chelsea however, this was a really bad result. Not just because of the dropped points, but the fact that they looked really poor until Drogba came on. What should they do if he gets injured? Now it wasn’t just Drogba who was missing in the blue team, but still it is a relevant question.

Now I’m looking forward to derby day at Wednesday when United visits City of Manchester Stadium. I hope there will be a great match and of course that United will win. Until then, this is letsunited, congratulating all Liverpool and United fans after a great weekend.

Go Reds!


About letsunited

An absolut United fan who loves to watch, talk and write about them.
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