Park wins it United style

Fergie time is a name for added time after 90 minutes. The reason for the name is that United under Ferguson have won so many times in injury time that they’re famous for it, it is United style.

United came to Old Trafford without players like Giggs, Rooney, Berbatov and Valencia and was therefore dependent on young players such as Obertan and summer signing Hernandez. Another awaited player was on the pitch aswell as Owen Hargreaves stepped up for a comeback and was welcomed with huge applause. The biggest applause was reserved for another man however, as sir Alex Ferguson celibrated his 24:th anniversary as United manager.

The match started off sadly when Owen Hargreaves had another setback and had to leave the pitch after a few minutes with what looked to be a hamstring injury. Instead young Portuguese winger Bebe got the oppurtunity to show his talent at The Theatre of Dreams. The first half was a very bad one. United gave away the ball, fribbled with the passes and wasn’t mentally in the game. But in the 45th minute, Ji Sung Park made Fergie’s half-time team talk less angry with a fine goal. 1-0 United in half-time.

The second half was better than the first, but nevertheless did Wolves equalize and United seemed to lose points in a draw game again. The last twenty minutes United were poor. The only one who even looked like trying was Park. Well Scholes also played well when he came on in the 74th minute but other than that it wasn’t a performence you hang in the Christmas tree, as we say in Sweden meening something isn’t good.

Then there was a bolt from the blue. Park got the ball right of the penalty area, decided to score himself, dribbled the defenders and put the ball just outside the goalkeepers reach on the right side of the first post. 2-1 in the 93rd minute and the three points was in red hands.

So what does this match tell us about the future? I think that even if United didn’t play well, this was a good match for them. They won even if they didn’t play the best football and that’s important for the confidence. While I speak of confidence, how high will Park’s confidence grow after this game? Up to the moon I would say. And he deserves it. The amount of work he puts down in every game is worth far more than the credit he receives and now he will probably get a little bit more of it.

So that’s that. A win much less convincing than what I had expected, but still a win. And it was won in United style.


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