Comfortable win against Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur came to Old Trafford with a 4-4-2 formation, choosing speed before hight, Keane before Crouch. With Lennon and Bale on each flank, it was even more clear that it was with pace that Tottenham were supposed to crush that big four ghost. It didn’t really work.

21 years ago was the last time Spurs won a league game at Old Trafford. It was Gary Lineker who scored the only goal of that match 21 years ago, and perhaps Spurs would have wanted him back on the pitch yesterday. Instead of Lineker, it was Keane who would challenge United’s excellent back four. I don’t think he tocuhed the ball in the whole game. Bale who is supposed to be in great form didn’t threat the United defence one time and Lennon on the other flank looked like he was somewhere else than on the pitch.

United also lined up with a 4-4-2 formation with both Hernandez and Berbatov up front (which I liked). I was a bit surprised to see Park on the left hand side, but Ferguson shows once again that he knows his players, cause Park was brilliant. I was also surprised over how dominant United were. Well Spurs did have a few chances, but United controled the game from start to finish and for the first time this season I wasn’t nervous with a one goal lead.

This was the perfect match for United at the moment. To control the game against such a good team as Tottenham is a great sign for the rest of the season. They did what they were supposed to do from the first minute. They scored a goal in the first half (Vidic heading in a free kick), controled the game, held the ball, made Tottenham run tired and then kill the game with Nani’s second goal, which was one of the strangest goals I’ve ever seen.

This is definitely the turning point for United and I believe that they can challenge for the title now. I still think that it’s much thanks to Stretfords commentary of United not being good enough that turned around United’s bad start to this great form they’re in right now. Now let’s look forward to the upcoming Bursaspor game on Wednesday, where young lads like Obertan and Bebe hopefully get a chance to play. That’s it for now.

Go Reds!


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