Thank you Paul Stretford!

I have thought of what my first subject in the blog would be and I’ve come to the conclusion of writing about the Rooney saga. I’m not going to write about everyting that has happened or has been said, as I know you would press the escape button before you would have read a quarter of it. So let’s talk about how it turned out in the end.

Rooney signs a new contract, gets more money and the story is over. Some would say that the result is the same as if the story would never have occured, while some would say it has harmed United badly. I understand the latter opinion, but I don’t agree. Because I don’t think it ever was Rooney’s intention to leave. As I hope you understand, I know that this opinion isn’t new and that it certainly is more people than me believing in it, but I think it’s important for the rest of Rooney’s time at Old Trafford. If he actually considered leaving, United have a problem. If his heart is somewhere else than in the club he won’t be the player as we know him. But if it wasn’t his intention to leave, the story ends positively. In my opinion, even better than if the whole story never had occured.

Let’s say he never wanted to leave. Then his actions were made for a quite obvious reason. Money. The whole story was a way to raise his salary and he succeeded. But then, who is behind this? I certainly don’t think Rooney himself came up with the idea of saying he wanted to leave. Of course it was his agent Paul Stretford, famous of doing anything for money, who did it. I don’t even think that it was Rooney who said those things about United not being good enough. I think the scriptwriter’s name was Paul Stretford, the performer’s Wayne Rooney.

So why is this good for United? Hasn’t it just made it harder for the reds? My answer to the latter: No! The reason why: sir Alex Ferguson. I think that Ferguson was about to lose his sparkle (though he would never admit it). I think he looked tired in the beginning of the season. The loss of points in drawn games came perpetually and everyone who knows about sir Alex Ferguson, knows that in his team it isn’t allowed to lose those points. It would be the hairdryer straight away. But now it happened several times and I think it was because he had lost his passion a bit. Just that tiny bit to let those points slip out of United hands. I know it wasn’t Ferguson, but the players who dropped the points, but I think that with a Ferguson in real “Fergie style” it wouldn’t have happened that often. But then someone says something. Something that changes pretty much everything. Rooney (or Stretford) says that United don’t have the muscles to compete with the world’s top teams. And the sparkle is back. It’s not even a sparkle. It’s a huge fire of determination burning within that red nosed man’s body. His team not competing with the world’s best? Should he, sir Alex Ferguson, be a manager who is not among the world’s best? This, in my opinion, was the best thing that could have happened to United. Ferguson back in bussiness, Rooney in the team with no intention of leaving and a team who will fight their ars*s of to win. Thank you Paul Stretford! We have a couple of bright years ahead of us!


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